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Whirl-Y-Fayre 28th - 30 Aug 2015

Cornwall UK www.whirl-y-fayre.co.uk


Summer Never Ends 30th July - 2nd Aug 2015

Switzerland EU www.summerneverends.ch


Freqs of Nature 9th - 14th July 2015

Germany EU www.freqsofnature.de


Antaris 3rd - 6th July 2015

Germany EU www.antaris-project.de


3 Wishes Faeryfest 19th - 21st June 2015

Cornwall UK www.faeryevents.com


Psychedelic Experience 19th - 22nd May 2015

Germany EU www.psyexperience-festival.com


Sundance Gathering 8th - 10th May 2015

Somerset UK www.eventbrite.co.uk


Sundance Collective 12th - 14th Sept 2014

Somerset UK www.eventbrite.co.uk


Illusive Festival of Music and Arts 5th - 7th Sept 2014

Leighton Buzzard UK www.illusive-festival.co.uk