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Thirteen Being is a collaborative project, set up and run by Vincent Kane (aka Vin100).. A creative hub bringing friends together to each express their unique skills and talents.

Starting out in London 2008, then known as Being.. Vincent and friends drew upon their various music pasts as musicians, DJ/producers and night club event organizers.. to craft a unique style of electronica, flowing and transitioning from dancfloor to dreamworld, exploring emotion and emanation, pioneering the sound of the Inner-Space-Age.


The naming of the project 'Being' came in a flash during a long studio session that ended in the drawing of symetrical patterns on white label records.. later transforming into '13eing' (Thirteen Being) to mark the move away from city life to the quiet & quaint West Country in 2013.. currently operating between Bristol and Glastonbury.


Vincent grew up in a colourful environmant, reared on a diet of Psychdelic Rock during his childhood years, and later initiated into the realms of Acid-House, Techno and Jungle. His first musical love was Drum & Bass. As a 90's teenager he would start a lifetime love of DJing and club night promotions. Whilst Vincent serves as the guide and director, the conceptual visionary that steers the flow.. Long term friends and collaborators would include producer Hector Hernandez (aka Hektagon) who would take the lead with production and 3D sound-scaping, school friend David Clark who brought to the project a deeper understanding of the musical elements, Marcus Oaten bringer of technical knwoledge and limitless exploration and the skills and mastery of Breaks producer extraordinaire Mark Ford (aka Merka).


A chance meeting in the late 90's would introduce Vincent to legendary pioneers of Ambient-House music The Orb, particulary Alex Paterson.. an inspration and opener of doors, ever supportive of the cause.

This led to the co-writng of the Orb track '2026' which appeared on their LP Orbsessions vol.2. Orb remixes by Vin100 and Being, tracks licensed for compilation CDs and also many DJ slots with Alex on internet radio and as support DJ at many of the Orb's London gigs.. This served a platform during the early days as DJ sets made entirely from Being recordings and experimental demo material were played to many happy listeners at sell out Orb gigs.


8 years in and the puzzle has taken shape, piece by piece an album formed to convey the jounrey so far.. the Debut LP 'Circadia' is an exploration of our place upon the turning Earth, the spiraling Sun & Moon weaving their web of time and space, we the waking dreamers, daywalkers and night flyers dancing on the cutting edge of consciousness. Making our own way through the bewilderness of modern life.


Thirteen Being 'Circadia' is set for release summer 2016. An 8 track album written by Vincent Kane and Hector Hernandez, produced and mixed by Vincent Kane at Pushin Plastic studio.. mastered by Vin100 & Merka at a secret hi-tech facility.

The record label Pushin Plastic started in 2004 as a partner project for the Pushin Plastic club nights in East London. Run by Vincent Kane and featuring the musical works of friends and colleages..


Digital Download (cat# Pushfive DD)

Limited Edition Clear Blue Vinyl (cat# Pushfive LP)